Treatment Plans

Your Treatment Plan Includes Exercise Education

Educating you on the appropriate stretches and exercises to do for your specific situation is critical to your success - and ours too! During your treatment pathway, we begin by relaxing and stretching overactive, tight muscles, followed by mobilizing and adjusting stiff joints. A more passive therapy is conducted in the beginning in which you do not participate as actively. You lie down on the table and receive the soft tissue work, adjustments, perhaps ultrasound. We also recommend ice or heat, whichever is most appropriate for your injury or condition at the time.

It is essential that we provide active rehabilitation to all our patients for true quality care, and long lasting relief!

Your treatment plan includes teaching you how to do stretches and exercises properly in order to help you to achieve your wellness goals. For long-term relief, it's essential that we show you how to strengthen weak muscles involved in creating your symptoms. As your treatment progresses, we move on to more active therapy in which you are doing daily stretches, and eventually strengthening exercises. We will discuss the vital importance of good posture, and help you to strengthen the required muscles to maintain that good posture.

Our goal is to work with you during your treatment plan to prevent future recurrences.  Stay tuned for more wellness notes and tips.

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